G & S Brough Ltd – Manufacturer of PTFE, leather, viton, nylon, fibre, EPDM, washers, seals and gaskets.
G & S Brough Ltd – Manufacturer of steel, leather, rubber, plastic, copper, brass, washers, seals and gaskets.
G & S Brough Ltd – Manufacturer of steel, leather, rubber, nylon, fibre, polythene, washers, seals and gaskets.
G & S Brough Ltd
Manufacturers of Washers & Gaskets
G & S Brough Ltd – Manufacturer of steel, nylatron, rubber, silicone, fibre, CNAF, washers, seals and gaskets.
G & S Brough Ltd – Manufacturer of steel, leather, rubber, cork, felt, aluminium, washers, seals and gaskets.
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Established 1861
G & S Brough Ltd
G & S Brough Ltd
Washers, seals & gaskets
G & S Brough is a prime manufacturer in existence for 150 years, specialising in the production of washers,
gaskets and seals. We operate from a 50,000 sq ft factory in Birmingham’s industrial heartland and are
considered to be one of the largest companies of its type in the UK, producing millions of products each
year. Family owned, we maintain traditional values - so important to you, our customer. With an excellent
reputation in the industry, we offer keen prices, top quality and good customer service, backed by
BS EN ISO 9001 Standards.

The Company’s principal ranges are made from non-metallic materials (leather, fibre, nylon, rubbers,
plastics, paper, felt, etc.). We also manufacture from metals (copper, brass, lead, aluminium, plus mild
and stainless steel). We maintain high stocks of raw materials and calling upon our massive library of
tools, we can usually make even non standard sizes. Specials are our business and a fast, economic
tooling service enables bespoke products to be made to customer exact specifications. We also supply
raw material in rolls, strips or joints, make one-off samples, hand cut gaskets, leather hydraulic seals
(even for discontinued machinery) and production prototypes.

Our customers vary from one man companies to major multinationals, often from the fastener and fixing
industry, but we also deal with current, classic and vintage automotive and motorcycle sectors,
construction, roofing, electrical, plumbing, water, gas, electronic, aerospace, telecoms,
hydraulic/pneumatic, domestic appliance, medical . . . the list is endless. Our products are to be
found in the catalogues of most of the well known mail order spare parts suppliers and naturally in
retail outlets too.
G & S Brough Ltd – Manufacturer of steel, leather, lead, nylon, nitrile, elephantide, washers, seals and gaskets.
Washers, gaskets, joints, hydraulic leathers, one-off samples, hand-cut gaskets, strips, joints, hydraulic leather seals (including
u-seals and hat seals), BSP Fibre washer kits, BSP Copper washer kits, Metric Fibre washer kits, Metric copper washer kits

Vulcanised Fibre, Non-Asbestos, Plastic, Nylon, Rubber, Leather, Non-metallic, Lead, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel,
Aluminium, Paper, Cork, Felt, Bakelite, Sponge, Butyl, Silicone, Polyurethane, Nylatron, Elephantide, Polythene, Millboard,
Neoprene, Ceramic Fibre, Polyester, Nitrile, Phosphur Bronze, Acetal, Polypropylene, CNAF, EPDM, Delrin, Gasket Paper, PTFE,
G & S Brough Ltd - Washers, Gaskets and Seals